March 25, 2014

CONEXPO 2014. Another Successful Event for Maradyne Corporation!

CONEXPO-CON/AG and IFPE 2014 were a great success this year, being hosted this year at the Las Vegas Convention Center.   130,000 visitors, over 2,000 exhibitors set all time records.   Buyers, end-users, OEM's, Suppliers and Industry personnel were on hand in numbers to see what is new in the construction marketplace.   In general there was a sense of optimism, if only in the fact that things seem to have stabilized in some of the US markets. 

Maradyne Corporation was happy to have both our Filtration Products Group featuring turbo precleaner and EPAC product groups as well as our Maradyne Mobile Products division showcasing some of their fans, blowers, motors and components used in transport and other markets.

The turbo Precleaner product line and series was featured in our booth, especially our brand new 390 series of turbo III.  Designed to emulate the performance of our popular model 46, it is constructed of high impact glass-reinforced nylon, making it ideal for cost conscious OEM's or end users.   Now customers can benefit from enhanced performance, low restriction, all in a cost-effective package perfect for OEM's and end-users.

Additionally we featured our EPAC system, a self-cleaning, pulse-on-demand air cleaner system, featuring our SMART controller and operating logic.    This had many people interested to hear about it's benefits, especially in extremely dusty environments where frequent filter cleanings and changes lead to unacceptable downtime costs.

ConExpo 2014 - Maradyne Booth

Sales Staff - ready to answer questions!

EPAC with SMART controller

NEW for 2014! - turbo III 390

OEMs featuring our turbo products

OEMs featuring our products

Discussing features/benefits with Lawrence Tay, Wesquip Filtration Far East

OEM's use turbo all over

A busy day at ConExpo - see you in 2017!

November 25, 2013

Maradyne Filtration Systems Unveils Their New High Tech Test Lab

Turbo Filtration recently unveiled  a state-of-the-art air filtration test lab in Cleveland, Ohio. The lab offers a number of innovative features and represents the latest in test methods and protocols, enabling our engineers to design products that meet – and exceed - the rigorous demands of industry.  

The lab is configured to test precleaners, air filter elements and complete air filter systems with air flows up to 1500 cfm used in off-highway, construction and military markets. All measurements are in strict accordance with ISO 5011 test standards and protocols, as well as military specs. We also test to validate designs and identify each product’s true capabilities.

In addition the lab’s precision controls enable Maradyne to ensure stable and repeatable results across a wide variety of simulated air intake systems. With multiple test legs, the lab can be used for internal development work and offered to OEMs and other customers to assist in development and/or validation of their own components and total system performance for vehicles or applications.

Today, with solid modeling, rapid prototyping and in-house laboratory capabilities, Maradyne can come to market much quicker with new products, such as the all-new turbo 390, molded in-house out of high strength, impact resistant, glass reinforced nylon, especially suited for the demands of OEMs and end users in construction and heavy industry.

We'll soon be providing a short video online, where you can get an inside look at our testing lab in Cleveland. Hear Tracy Long, turbo’s Director of Business Development, explain how we test our products to the highest filtration standards.   

FOR MORE INFO on Turbo Filtration's
heavy duty engine air intake filtration systems, and to learn more about the new the turbo III 390 model air filters, please visit

Turbo Precleaner - Cleveland, Ohio USA - Phone:  800-537-7444

November 11, 2013

turbo in Scandinavia

Turbo precleaner was in Scandinavia recently visiting our dealer network there.
In Skjern Denmark we visited Grene (, who have a massive distribution facility complete with automated carousels where they are able to ship over 8,000 packages per day from their 40,000 square meter facility!   It reminded me of what it might look like seeing Amazon shipping packages at Holiday time next month.   Their filtration division is headed up by Lasse Kviesgaard and Kurt Jensen, who have over 10 years experience selling turbo precleaner in Denmark.   They also handle a wide variety of other filtration products including engine air cleaners, oil and compressor filters, fuel water separators and many other products.
Then it was on to Norway where we saw SK Produkter, ( who have sold turbo for over 15 years.   Jan Kristiansen and Morten Almark help us there promoting turbo precleaners, fuel tanks and drill rods and accessories to the drilling, ag and construction market.   They showed us as well the famous ski jump hill called Holmenkollen, which was used in the 1952 Winter Olympics and is over 100 meters high - very impressive.   
After some good  meetings in Norway where we discussed the outlook for construction and precleaner business in that oil-rich country,

we went on to Finland where Markku Arosarka from Atoy Oh ( was our host.   We were interested to learn about their business, customers and plans to grow their industrial sales presence in that country.   They showed us their state of the art warehouse and we discussed the market conditions in Finland.   Atoy sells turbo on-line through their website and to a number of aftermarket customers direct in Finland in addition to wiper systems, seating and a variety of other off-highway and construction aftermarket accessories.

Last we visited Stockholm Sweden, and AB Sveadiesel, (, which is selling turbo, Parker-Farr industrial air filter systems, Separ Fuel filtration systems and a wide variety of defense-related components - including Leopard II tanks and helicopter systems for the Swedish Defense Forces.   Mikael Lindberg was our host and explained to us his market and gave us examples of how turbo precleaners are used in Sweden by both OEMs and end users to be used in aggregate, construction, forestry and mining applications, or anywhere where additional protection is desired for a machine's engine.
Overall, a good trip and an excellent week spent promoting turbo and meeting some of the interesting folk who sell it for us in Scandinavia!

August 5, 2013

390 turbo III coming soon! Be sure to check back for more details on our new product launch of turbo III - Model 390. It's a completely new turbo design, with smooth trouble free bearings, twist-lock cover design and heavy duty features certain to meet the most demanding applications. Flow range from 300-700 cfm, with efficiency over 80% (ISO coarse dust, measured per ISO 5011 spec.) Rust free components, molded of impact-resistant glass-reinforced nylon, it is also economical and will complete Maradyne's highly successful product range offering of turbo II and turbo III Precleaners.

May 3, 2012

                                 ATLAS COPCO VISIT

The Turbo Precleaner Team recently had the opportunity to visit Atlas Copco. We were able to climb aboard some of their brand new drill rigs and discuss air filtration in great detail. It was an exciting experience. Check out our Turbo Power Ram(s) installed on a brand new drill rig, which was just about ready to be shipped overseas. Due to the immense size of the engine, the rig requires three air cleaners and four precleaners. Notice the Turbo Y-Pipe being utilized on the center (largest) air cleaner. This allows for the use of two precleaners on one intake!  

Four Turbo Precleaners Installed Atop Three Air Cleaners - Atlas Copco Drill Rig

Turbo Y-Pipe 

March 21, 2012

World of Asphalt Big Success!

The World of Asphalt Show held recently in Charlotte was a big success for Maradyne and our newly announced Filtration Division, which includes Greenlees Filter.

Maradyne Filtration Booth - World of Asphalt

EPAC Self-Cleaning Filtration System

turbo precleaner on Sweeping Machine
We showed our turbo precleaners (which were well represented by OEMS on their equipment at the show) as well as our new, self-cleaning filter system, EPAC.   EPAC is designed for applications with very dusty environments, and uses an innovative pulsing air system to periodically clean the air cleaner, so you don't have to.   We are currently installed in some extreme environments on crushers and loaders, and have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of successful operating hours.    If you don't like cleaning or changing air filters daily or weekly, EPAC may be the right solution for you!

March 7, 2012

New Acquisition for Maradyne Corporation

Effective February 1st 2012, Maradyne Corporation ( acquired 100% of Greenlees Filter LLC, Chicago Illinois, manufacturers of air cleaners and elements. ( Some of Greenlees Filter LLC customers include AM General, Oshkosh and the US Government, as well as many other commercial customers. Greenlees manufactures a wide variety of air cleaners and filter elements, as well as the brand-new EPAC, self-cleaning air filtration system. Maradyne Corporation is the manufacturer of turbo Precleaners, Marion hydraulic filters, Pow-R-Quik starters, Hydramotion actuators, and SuperTrapp Industrial mufflers. They are headquartered in Cleveland Ohio with facilities in Texas, North Carolina, Illinois and Mexico.